Mickey Mouse Cupcake Onesie Gift Set

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Onesie Gift Set

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Mickey Mouse steals the show with these cupcakes.  Loads of beautiful colors, and sparkles galore. 

If you are going to a baby shower or hosting a baby shower our cupcakes are a must-have! Having a birthday party or just wanting to give a cutie babe who loves Mickey the cutest gift these are it!  These make lovely gifts for any occasion.


**Choose your Onesie size

** Choose your Onesie Color

I will make the magic happen from there.

** Each one does vary a bit in design as they are handmade.

Comes with

* Custom Onesie

* Pair of socks 

* You may add a small special note to this item as well. (Please add those comments in the special notes for the artist section provided.

Onesie Color
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