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Thanks for coming to check out our story! When I first sat down to write this story for you it honestly took 3 pages to explain in depth how this whole small business started, so other others could fully understand what I went through and they could also in return not feel alone in this crazy thing we call motherhood. 
  I am a mother of two amazing boys, thirteen and one. My second pregnancy with my youngest son Dominick was not easy at all. I was much older than I was when my first one was born (24 vs 36), and also in a completely different headspace. I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum which lasted throughout almost my entire pregnancy. I was too weak and tired to do anything due to a low Iron deficiency which resulted in twice-a-week Iron transfusions. We had a Rubella scare my first trimester, due to a false test my original OBGYN made a mistake that lead to having her tell me that my baby may be severely mentally retarded and that I should think of aborting this pregnancy, to my son being stuck in the hospital a week after being born due to jaundice right smack in the middle of the pandemic. I could never wish this on any of my enemies. Having a baby during this pandemic was no joke. Hospitals were a nightmare, there were no friends, no family around nothing. It was lonely, very, very lonely. I suffered from server PPD spending day and night crying and feeling empty and lonely even though I had just had this brand new beautiful sweet baby boy. 
   Six months after a freak accident, we found out that Dominick had a cyst taking up most of the left side of his brain. I was terrified for my baby, and the accident was most defiantly a blessing in disguise. We could at least now start our journey with Dominick to ensure his safety and well-being for the rest of his life. 

Baby Boutique
Baby Boutique

I was up really late one night thinking about all the current events that had gone on for the last six months and thought to myself I want to be happy! What are the things that made me happy? How was I going to beat this PPD, and how was I going to better myself for my children. Of course, my first answer went straight to my children, I always wanted children. I love kids, I love babies I mean who doesn't? They are my favorite and the best thing I have ever done. Just being around their sweet presence makes me happy, I loved being a mother, but I had to go deeper into what REALLY made me happy. I was happy when I woke up in the morning and was able to get Dominick dressed for the day, I was happy when I was making him Onesies or T-shirts to wear, and I was happy when I was taking photos of him in all these cute little outfits even if he was making a funny face in every single photo. I was happy when I saw my friend's babies and children wearing the clothing I had made for them. Other things made me happy of course, but I learned that I enjoyed doing this. So there ya have it lol six months of craziness, suffering from PPD, and a pandemic later. Your Number Onesie was born lol. The funny thing is I think when people see the name they automatically think it is about the baby and their Onesies, but I created the name because first and for most, YOU have to be number one, you have to feel like you are number ONE, and when you shop with us I hope that I can make you feel like you are number one. You are not just a customer to me, you are a person. Having a baby is not an easy task even though commercials and advertisements only show you the good parts. I am here for you if you need to talk about the bad parts too. No seriously if you need to talk reach out. I'm here! No purchase is necessary! I love you all, and appreciate your continued support through this crazy journey we call motherhood. Without you, there is no us. So reach out even if it's just to say HI!
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—1‑800‑273‑TALK (8255)—or ​Live Online Chat. Talk to a trained crisis worker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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